06 Sep 2013

Blog #77-Fleetwood Mac 1987

September 9, 2013

In the early 1970's, I was on the Alpine Valley National Ski Patrol as a Junior Ski Patrolman on the ski hill in East Troy, Wisconsin!

In 1987, I returned to East Troy, Wisconsin, as the house photographer for the Alpine Valley Music Theater which is on the other side of the ski resort! It is one big valley of fun wether it's winter or summer here in Wisconsin!

One of the best shows in 1987 was Fleetwood Mac even though Lindsey Buckingham wasn't in the band. It took two guys to try to replace Lindsey and it was a different sound.

Enjoy some photos and notice that you can see their breath! Stevie even wore gloves because it was so cold that night in the valley!


Rich Zimmermann


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