21 Jun 2014

Clarence White and The Byrds 1972

June 22, 2014

I have done a blog before on Clarence White of the Byrds, but it only included one picture, and it was my very first blog. Clarence is one of my favorite musicians. I got to meet him when I took these photographs on April 30, 1972.

The place was Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  He was sitting on a church table backstage when I met him that night. He was very nice to a young 18 year old photographer who wanted to be a rock photographer and was tagging along with a Columbia Records rep.

Clarence is playing his B Bender guitar in these pictures. He developed it and it is legendary. The guitar is now being played and used frequently by country star Marty Stuart. I have gotten to know Marty and we have talked about Clarence. Marty has these photos in his collection! It's so good to see this guitar used again and I recognized it when I photographed Marty in 2008 and saw the Frankfurt sticker on it.

One of the photos I have shared before but the rest have never been seen 'til now.

Enjoy these photos of Clarence and next week I will show the rest of what I have from this show.

Have a great week and of course all photos are for sale! Just contact us and we can help you out.


Rich Zimmermann


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