06 Sep 2014

Blog #129-Ramblin' Jack Elliott

September 8, 2014

I have been a music photographer for a very long time. My first images were taken in 1971.

My favorite photograph of my whole collection was taken in 1972.  It is of Ramblin' Jack Elliott and Linda Ronstadt.

I sent the photograph to Ramblin' Jack on his 80th birthday a few years back. I tried to get a print to Linda Ronstadt in the 1980's through her people, but who knows if she ever got it. Things like that often disappear.

This past Friday night, Ramblin' Jack played a show in Milwaukee at Shank Hall. I gave him a copy of the print before he went on stage. He autographed a copy of it for me and we chatted for a while. Jack is a great storyteller and we could have talked for hours!  Or more precisely, he could have told stories for hours!

He is a wonderful person, a terrific story teller and a great musician.

I think I got a new best friend the other night.

Love ya Jack.

Enjoy the images everyone.


Rich Zimmermann


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