07 Mar 2015

Blog #155-Loggins and Messina 1974

March 9, 2015

This blog is different from blog #58 which is also labeled Loggins and Messina 1974. Blog #58 was about a show at UW Oshkosh and this blog is about a performance that was in September of 1974 at Milwaukee's Performing Arts Center.

Some of these photos were taken from right in front of the stage. Others were taken from my favorite secret spot at the Performing Arts Center, or the PAC as we called it! The PAC was a beautiful performance hall. My secret spot is now presently locked up and you can't take photos from there anymore. It was so cool because you would walk through this door and you had a little spot about ten foot square with a railing. I would sit on the floor usually and photograph the show and then just sit and enjoy the show alone in my little secret spot. There were actually four secret spots with two on each side of the stage at the second and third levels. The sound was a little weird because you were off to the side but the view made up for it.

Loggins and Messina, was a great band and I was very sad when they broke up. They were so good and the whole band had a lot of good energy and sound. I photographed them several times through the years.

Enjoy a look at the band from my secret spots and have a great week.


Rich Zimmermann

Loggins Messina 1974 1Loggins Messina 1974 2Loggins Messina 1974 3Loggins Messina 1974 4Loggins Messina 1974 5Loggins Messina 1974 6Loggins Messina 1974 7Loggins Messina 1974 8Loggins Messina 1974 9Loggins Messina 1974 10Loggins Messina 1974 11Loggins Messina 1974 12Loggins Messina 1974 13



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