08 Sep 2019

Blog #329-Z Z Top and Cheap Trick September 4, 2019

September 9, 2019

Thank you all for the many nice 65th birthday and retirement wishes!!! Retirement after 38 years in a factory has begun and I've been busy as can be. I have photo projects, home projects and other things, plus I anticipate many good times with my wife.

This past Wednesday night was a 50th anniversary tour stop for Z Z Top!!  Fifty years of the beards is great!

Along for the tour was Cheap Trick and Marquis Knox, a great bluesman from St. Louis.

Restictions for photos were tight so enjoy some from my camera and some from my iPhone, just like the entire crowd used all night!!

Love Z Z Top and the stage setup they use. Frank Beard's drum kit is different and awesome for every tour. Somewhere there is a warehouse full of 50 years of drum kits!


Rich Zimmermann

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