14 May 2018

Blog #296-Bon Jovi and Stereo Satellite-Bradley Center Final Show!!!

May 14, 2018

My blog today is somewhat personal. I have photographed music for many years at the Bradley Center and many people working there have been a great help to me. A few people in particular have really helped me to get things published for newspaper contributions.

Sadly, the Bradley Center had it's final show with Bon Jovi and a band called Stereo Satellite opening the show on April 29th. This was a great show and a really LOUD show even with good earplugs!

The Bradley Center is being torn down and my friends who worked there are moving on. I will miss them, as well as the venue.

So anyway, look at the Bradley Center and it's final show. Does it bring back memories for you too?


Rich Zimmermann

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