17 Apr 2023

Blog #424-Bruce Springsteen backstage display

May 1, 2023

On March 6, 2023 a photo display was completed for the Bruce Springsteen concert at FiServ Forum here in Milwaukee.

Some awesome fellow photographers and I contributed some images and the FiServ folks went to work making an incredible display for the band to see.

Bob Cavallo, David Bernacchi, Rick Kohlmeyer, Gary Dineen, myself and the Milwauke Journal team provided the images. They were of the Boss and the E Street Band in Milwaukee through the years.

The large prints were put into the individual dressing rooms of the band members.

The hallway photos are going from where the buses park to the dressing room entrances. They made a really nice wrap on the walls and lit them nicely hiding the cords perfectly.

Above the doorway going to the dressing rooms they even had a neon sign made saying their famous line made famous in Milwaukee in 1975, "Are You Loose?". This is from the 1975 bomb scare show at the Milwaukee Uptown Theater.

In 1975 the show was shut down with a called in bomb scare. They said they will come back later that tonight once the place was cleared and searched. So, the band went back to the Pfister Hotel and had a few drinks and got loose!

When they returned at about 1am the first words out of Bruce Springsteen's mouth were "Are You Loose?"! The show was awesome and I think everyone was loose!

Enjoy a look at these photos of Bruce and the E Street band in Milwaukee from 1975 to 2023.

The band liked this photo tribute so much thtat they put it on their Instagram account @StevieVanZandt! The last photo here shows that post.

Also, checkout the film reel they did on Instagram @bsesb_tour! They did a better film job of the hallway than my still photos.


Rich Zimmermann

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