30 Aug 2013

Blog #76-Pink Floyd 1975

September 2, 2013

On June 15, 1975, Pink Floyd played at Milwaukee County Stadium with The Animals tour. It was a massive show and production that took several days to setup.

Good friends, Daydream Productions promoted the band for this show which was a huge success. A swimming pool was even setup behind the stage for everyone to cool off in during the setup period because it was very hot!

Years ago, I lent out what I thought was my whole collection of Pink Floyd photographs for a future book that was to be published. The person doing this book proceeded to misplace all of my original slides and negatives! A few weeks ago, I came across what you see here plus about 10 more photos in my photo storage closet! It was like finding treasure to me!!

So, enjoy my treasure find and look back at 1975's Pink Floyd show and sound check.


Rich Zimmermann


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