30 Nov 2013

Blog #89-Leo Kottke-1973

December 2, 1973

On February 2, 1973, I had the pleasure of photographing Leo Kottke. He opened up a show for Loggins and Messina at Milwaukee's Performing Arts Center that evening.

At the time, I was working for the Bugle American newspaper and we conducted an interview in Leo's dressing room before the show.

In my collection of favorite photographs, a few are shown here with Leo's reflection in the mirror. He was relaxed, reading the paper and just killing time before his performance.

Leo, is to me, the best acoutic 12 string guitar player in the world. Not many people get close to playing like Leo does!

He still plays and if you can catch a performance of his please do so because you will be amazed at his great voice and guitar playing.

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Rich Zimmermann

Leo Kottke 1973 3Leo Kottke 1973 4Leo Kottke 1973 5Leo Kottke 1973 6Leo Kottke 1973 7Leo Kottke 1973 8Leo Kottke 1973 9Leo Kottke 1973 10Leo Kottke 1973 11Leo Kottke 1973 2


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