08 May 2016

Blog #215-CART/Indy Cars 1993 at the Milwaukee Mile

May 9, 2016

This week we look at Indy cars at the Milwaukee Mile in 1993. These were the good days of Indy car racing with some big names in the field and great competition.

Mario Andretti, Al Unser Jr., Paul Tracy, Rick Mears, Scott Goodyear, Willy T. Ribbs, Danny Sullivan, Bobby Rahal and many other good ones were racing at that time. Plus, we had Nigel Mansell who just finished clinching the Formula 1 championship in 1992!

These were really good times for Indy car that I don't think will ever be equalled again for competition and rivalries!

I'll let the photos do the talking now. Good looking cars and big names to enjoy!


Rich Zimmermann

CART 1993 Mke 1CART 1993 Mke 2CART 1993 Mke 3CART 1993 Mke 4CART 1993 Mke 5CART 1993 Mke 6CART 1993 Mke 7CART 1993 Mke 9CART 1993 Mke 10CART 1993 Mke 11CART 1993 Mke 12CART 1993 Mke 13CART 1993 Mke 14CART 1993 Mke 15CART 1993 Mke 16CART 1993 Mke 17CART 1993 Mke 18CART 1993 Mke 19CART 1993 Mke 20CART 1993 Mke 21CART 1993 Mke 22CART 1993 Mke 23CART 1993 Mke 24

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