21 Jun 2016

Blog #221-Open Wheel Race Cars!

June 20, 2016

Today I thought we would explore my huge interest in race cars. I really like Indy cars in case you haven't noticed.

These photos today begin in 1971 when I photographed Indy Cars on my television!  Cars from CART, Champ Car, IRL and even Mika Hakkinens F1 car that was at Elkhart Lake's Road America as a show car are shown here this week.

My favorite is from 1971 before the cars got their wings!  After that, I like the CART era cars, when we had big horsepower, with multiple engine suppliers that gave us great sounding engines! Plus, each car looked different, whereas today, the IRL cars look very similar if not the same other than sponsors.

Take a look at a few of them and tell me what your favorite race car was through the years.

Enjoy, and say hi to me at Road America this coming weekend where the Indy cars are finally coming back!!! It's going to be great!


Rich Zimmermann

1990 cart 81990 cart 171990 cart 18Rex Mays 1971 2Rex Mays 1971 8Rex Mays 1971 9Sebastian Bourdais 2013 1RHR 2013 3Tag 2013 61990A J Foyt 21990 A J Foyt 8Emerson Fittipaldi 1990 1Emerson Fittipaldi 1990 7CART 1990 10CART 1990 Part 3 5CART 1990 Part 3 12Danica Patrick 2005 8alex zanardi 4 2012 04 301 Ed Carpenter 2012 7Old Racing 6CART 1993 Mke 1CART 1993 Part 2 3CART 1993 Part 2 23CART 1993 Part 2 7FIS 0306 1Indyfest 2015 4a PP40070 1BLOG 221 8BLOG 221 9

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