07 Oct 2012

Blog #29-Madonna

October 8, 2012

In 1987, I was fortunate enough to be the house photographer at Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy, Wisconsin.  It was a great job, with no pay, but it was fun.  When I was a bit younger and in high school I was on the Alpine Valley Ski Patrol at the ski hill at the same resort!  That could be a whole different interesting blog with some good stories.

Alpine Valley is legendary for all the acts that have performed there, but Madonna's show on August 2, 1987 was truly amazing. 

When she came to Alpine Valley on her True Blue Tour, construction had to be done because she required a bigger stage.  They took out the back walls and made the stage deeper for her big show.  She had a huge band and showed a lot of video on a large screen during her show which was why the stage had to be expanded.

She did not disappoint. The crowd loved her singing and every costume that she wore.

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